March 2009

Salty, Peppery, Porky Goodness

March 23, 2009
Sometimes I plan dinner, sometimes it’s a clean-out-the-fridge meal. Tonight is the latter. It makes me think of when I was a chef and I’d go into the kitchen’s walk-in refrigerator, look around at what was there, and plan the day’s special. Sometimes you just have to work with what’s on hand.

 dsc_3089aThis pasta is one of those I’ve never made before (but made many similar), and may never make again, unless I have this exact mix of ingredients. Of course, you can substitute, leave out, or add anything you like. If you leave out the Pancetta, you may need a little extra salt. You can replace with another protein, like chicken breast, or make it vegetarian and leave it out all together. But honestly, I love the salty, peppery, porkiness of Pancetta.
I added the mozzarella because I had a little left in the container and wanted …

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Not a Crock..

March 23, 2009
Note to self; I am not a crock pot purist. I don’t believe in tossing in everything raw and turning it on. Some foods improve with a little cooking in oil first, a little browning, a little deglazing. And that’s no crock… I also have no hesitation in lifting the lid, stirring the pot and rearranging things. Heresy, I know.


In this new age of austerity, I’m going to focus on some frugal recipes, getting more “bang for the buck” and cooking with what’s on hand in the ‘fridge or pantry. I think the recipe below cost approx. $8 and would easily feed a family of 4. It will certainly give us a few meals of leftovers for 2.

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