Savory Scones with Pecorino and Black Pepper

February 22, 2011
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People start collections for many reasons. For some it’s amusement, for others it’s hopes of future profit and for some it’s a full blown passion (cough <obsession> cough). But in most cases, people’s collections are a connection to something which speaks to them for a reason.  

My collection is fairly small. Over the years I’ve acquired about two dozen antique kitchen utensils. My preference is specific only in that they must be old enough to have painted wood handles. Most are pre-1940′s which works well in my vintage kitchen. A few of the items I’ve purchased either in antique shops or thrift stores, but most have come from my grandparents who were avid antique collectors. 

I’m not crazy-obsessed like some people; I don’t know their value, I don’t spend sleepless nights searching eBay or days combing swap meets and garage sales, I simply like them. Looking at them

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Persimmon Cranberry Bread

November 9, 2010
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Sometimes chefs (and former chefs) make mistakes. Sometimes we don’t bother to read the recipe, so confident we are in our kitchen skills. And sometimes that confidence comes back and bites us in the ass.

I’ve made this Persimmon bread for what feels like forever. As long as I’ve lived in my house, I’ve had a tree which bears these strange special fruits once a year and I’ve made this bread. I even gave the recipe to my grandfather and before he passed away, it was his favorite thing to make with the persimmons from his tree. My point is that it’s good, and I’ve been making it for so long I should be able to do it in my sleep, right?

Yeah, right.

I must have been sleeping when I made it for the first time this year because not only did I leave out the baking soda, but …

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Soft White Rolls

August 23, 2010
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A while back I needed to make some soft white rolls to go with some incredible smoked pulled pork my mother made. I searched the recesses of my brain…had I ever made rolls or buns before? Sure, but it had been a while and I needed to make enough for a crowd, in advance. So, I pulled out my favorite bread book and while it didn’t have a specific recipe for the type of rolls I needed, I thought the recipe for “Soft American Style White Bread” would work.

For those of you not familiar with the “no-knead” method of making bread, you might want to check out my posts on the Master Bread recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day or the Whole Grain Bread Master recipe from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I really like this method because it’s easy to always have …

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Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day~Whole Grain Master Recipe

March 9, 2010
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One of the things I really missed when eating gluten-free for 3 weeks was freshly baked bread. I’m used to baking my own bread a few times a week using the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (ABin5) method so of course one of the first things I did when done with the cleanse diet was make a batch of dough. For those of you unfamiliar with the ABin5 method, it is a “no-knead” bread dough, made in a batch large enough for 4 loaves, and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Since discovering this method last year, I have not bought one loaf of french bread because I always have dough ready to go in my refrigerator. Now, I’m starting to make my own wheat sandwich bread too.

I was fortunate to receive a review copy of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day (HBin5) …

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Bread and Wine; Girl's Night Out "How to Bake Bread" Class

June 22, 2009

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One night, I posted on Twitter;
“Dinner: Homemade bread, toasted, with butter and a Paso Robles Zinfandel. Yep that’s it. Nothin’ wrong with that is there?”
A friend of mine quickly replied that it sounded good to her, and I suggested I show her and some other friends how easy it is to bake one’s own bread. It soon became known as the “Bread and Wine” Girl’s Night. Plans made, babysitters, husbands reserved, and cabs ordered.

The kernel of the idea actually began a couple of months ago when I started having a hankering to make bread. I kept coming across references to the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day on food blogs and on Twitter. Then I found one of its authors, Zoe Francois on Twitter and checked out her bread blog. Soon I was sold on trying the method and …

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