Pizza with Prosciutto, Artichokes & Pesto

Sometimes you really don’t need a recipe. Just do it.

pizza dough (fresh, use store-bought or make your own)
tomato sauce (any kind you want, I use my marinara)
fresh mozzarella, sliced
prosciutto, thinly sliced
marinated artichoke hearts

Assemble. Bake at 475 for about 15 min or until done. Eat!


  • formerchef

    Gabriella-I just made what is probably my last batch of pesto for the summer too last night. 🙁

    Charles-Yes, just do it! I can’t remember the last time we had a pizza delivered; it’s just too easy to make at home with what ever is in the ‘fridge!

  • Cedarglen

    Oh, Heavens Yes! “Good” pizza is a truly subjective thing and NO!, is does not require a Super Oven. It does not have to cook in 90 seconds and if your (close to) ideal pizza takes 10-15 minutes, Tough! Make the best pie possible, within the available facilities and enjoy the process.
    Way too much extreme stuff about simple pizza these days. It is NOT that difficult to make and, with a ‘hot’ home oven, perhaps a stone – but not necessary – really tasty pies can bne had. Even for a beginner, those first 1-2-3-4 experiments are still better than anything that is delivered.
    Out in my reaches, a elivered pizza is a really bad joke. Make your own or do without.
    While my pies may not meet any of Brooklyn’s standards, they are damn good and a damn site better than any of that frozen cardboard. With a little practice, a home oven and simple ingredients really can make a decent pie. As for ANY of the by-the-slice choices that I’ve seen, No! I’ll live without before I will eat any of those. They are not even close to my vision of pizza.
    My respect to those who love all or many types. I won’t eat the quick-buck (slices), ever. I’d rather buy a whole pie and hold the creator accountable to the quality. For me, a good pizza is simply not fast food. Nuf said.

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