Rolled & Roasted; Herb Pork Loin with Port Wine Balsamic Sauce

April 28, 2009

Perhaps my timing is not good here. Am I being insensitive posting a Pork recipe during this time of Swine Flu “crisis”? I don’t know…

I made this roast for Easter Sunday dinner, well before all the drama started. I had intended on cooking lamb, but at the butcher they would only sell me a minimum of half a leg which was just too much for 4 people. So, seeing the pork loin, I decided to go with that.


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Not a Crock..

March 23, 2009
Note to self; I am not a crock pot purist. I don’t believe in tossing in everything raw and turning it on. Some foods improve with a little cooking in oil first, a little browning, a little deglazing. And that’s no crock… I also have no hesitation in lifting the lid, stirring the pot and rearranging things. Heresy, I know.


In this new age of austerity, I’m going to focus on some frugal recipes, getting more “bang for the buck” and cooking with what’s on hand in the ‘fridge or pantry. I think the recipe below cost approx. $8 and would easily feed a family of 4. It will certainly give us a few meals of leftovers for 2.

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