No Dig Gardening

Garden Update; The World’s Most Expensive Tomato

June 7, 2009

Yesterday we ate the World’s Most Expensive Tomato. Ok, not really, but sometimes gardening feels that way, doesn’t it? When you factor in what was spent on building the raised beds, filling them with hay, alfalfa, manure and compost, buying the plants, building the fences, buying critter repellent, water, and time,  it seems like it would […]

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How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed with the "No Dig" Method

March 26, 2009

The “No Dig” method for gardening is supposed to use less water, take less effort (no digging, no rotatilling) and raise superior vegetables. Ok, sign me up. I had two references. One, a story I’d read in the LA times last summer (,0,55177.story) and the other, the website, I started saving newspapers about a […]

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