Customize your own Chocolate Bars with Chocri Chocolates

January 11, 2010


Custom-made Chocri chocolate bars.

About a month ago, I received an email from a company called Chocri originally based in Germany and now in the US, asking if I’d like to try their custom-made chocolate bars. Even though I love chocolate, I was busy and put off looking at their web site for a few weeks. When I finally logged in to their test site and checked out, I was overwhelmed with choice; their claim is 10 Billion (yes, billion) flavor combinations! 

Here’s how it works; choose your chocolate (dark, milk or white, all organic and Fair Trade) and then choose up to five toppings to go on top. You get to create a name for your bar and it’s printed right on the package. The toppings range from the normal; candies, fruits and nuts to the unusual; spices, grains and candy decorations. There’s everything from roasted almonds, to goji berries to …

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