Meyer Lemon Giveaway Winner and Garden Update

We have a winner! Sometimes it pays to be first…

Using the winner of the Meyer Lemons is Johanna who said,
“My sister helped me start a garden last year, and I loved having so much fresh produce right at my door. Here’s a list of what I plan on having again this year: Tomatoes, cucumbers, black eyed peas, sugar snap peas, okra, and string beans. My herb garden has rosemary, thyme, basil (when it gets a little warmer), oregano, and chives.
I’d like to recreate a recipe I had at Union Square Cafe: Ricotta Gnocchi with Meyer Lemon Butter Sauce. I’m also a sucker for my mom’s lemon square recipe.”

Thanks Johanna! Your lemons will be on their way soon!

As a follow up to my last gardening post, many thanks to those who offered advice about the big fat grubs in the garden. They were indeed Japanese Beetle grubs. We sourced some beneficial nematodes and I’ve added them to the soil. Hope it works!

The raccoons are still doing their night time work, despite my best efforts to dissuade them. I built a cage over one of the rectangular beds out of rubber coated chicken wire. What did they do? They climbed on top and pulled apart the sections of chicken wire to get their little paws inside. I wish I had video of that. it’s a little hard to admit, but they are clever little monsters.


  • Johanna

    I’m so excited about the lemon win! Seriously, I never win anything, and I had a really crappy day yesterday, so this is a great pick me up! I’ll send you a picture of what I make with them. Thanks again!

  • Nikki Snell

    I seen your comment about the raccoons. We have always used hot pepper spray(hot sauce mixed w/ water) and moth crystals or ammonia to keep the pests out. Coffee grounds and citris peels help too. Yet another use for those lemons!

  • Madeline

    Sorry about your raccoon issues. They are very smart and so bold. We have major problems with them here as well and those little suckers are fearless! A friend of mine uses a water motion spray type thingy in her garden. I’ll ask her the name and get back to you. She had really good success with it last year.

    By the way, loving the new colours, photo etc. Looks very fresh for Spring 🙂

    • formerchef

      Thanks for the info and the link. Of course with my luck, I’d go into the garden, forget it was on, and find myself soaking wet!

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