Jiffy Pop Greenhouse, Part 2

In five days, my seedlings have gone from this…


to this…


Pretty amazing, huh? It’s like my own science project. I love the fact that the beet sprouts are so red and I’m stunned at how fast the Blue Lake Green Beans have grown.

I’d like to plant them, but unfortunately, the nocturnal creatures are still out in force. While we were gone they tore up plants again and my cucumber plant disappeared completely. Tomorrow we will come up with a new plan to protect the plants.


  • White on Rice

    Those seedlings are beautiful! Congrats on your new plant babies. It’s so great to find a fellow gardener online. Now we can share all our proud pictures to each other as “garden parents”.

  • formerchef

    Wait until you see what I had to build to protect them from the nocturnal digging creatures (raccoons). I recently planted more seedings; chard, spinach, parsley and basil. I’ve never been so enthralled by growing from seed before.

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