Quick post

Just a quick post here to say a couple of things:

  1. I love that people are commenting! I really appreciate the feedback, especially when you have tried the recipes.
  2. The digging monsters are still in my garden, undeterred by black and cayenne pepper, though no more plants have gone missing.
  3. Thanks for subscribing! This post is also a test to see how well the email subscription service works.

More to come soon!


    • formerchef

      Possibly. The RSS stuff is new to me. I just found the setting and changed it back to “full post”. At least you are getting something. I’ve yet to get one email update so I don’t think that’s working at all.

  • John

    Sorry to be dim, but I can’t find an actual definition of ‘digging monster’. My suspicion is squirrels, but they’re far from the only diggers.

    If my guess is correct, there are lots of tasty things you can do with them. Adding the black and red peppers in the pot makes a lot more sense than seasoning them from the inside while alive.

    • formerchef

      “seasoning them from the inside”
      That’s pretty funny. 🙂
      Actually, my “digging monsters” are my somewhat affectionate nickname for the creatures inhabiting my yard. We’ve seen racoons, skunks and possums, though not exactly sure which ones are the culprits.
      I had hopes that the pepper would be enough of an irritant to deter them.

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