Garden update; the Octopus in my Garden

Today we finished the irrigation project. Every plant now has an ugly black rubber tube leading to a low-flow drip irrigation end. It will save water and keep me from having to lug the hose from plant to plant. But the manifolds (1 for each bed) looks like an octopus, albeit a 12 legged one, snaking tiny black tentacles throughout the beds.

Yes, we still have intrusions by the monsters raccoons . But they seem to be more random and sometime we go days without seeing any activity from them. I found a way to keep them from eating the pieces of potato I was trying to grow; I started the potatoes in pots and then transplanted them when they got to be about 4″ tall. So far, so good. I’ve done the same with onions, though I may leave those in the pot because it looks kinda cool.

Some of the tomatoes I planted are doing well, and some, eh, not so well. The green beans and snap peas are starting to climb toward their trellis and I think I’m about to have an explosion of zucchini and yellow squash. The eggplants have those lovely purple flowers and who knew the flowers on arugula were so delicate?
Note to self; don’t let the arugula flower and find out when to pick the squash blossoms so they can be stuffed and fried.

The other seedlings I started in my “jiffy” pop green house, have not fared so well. The beets, leeks, spinach and chard did not survive the transplant process, especially not after being trampled by what I assume was a fat, 30 lb raccoon. I am debating whether or not to try again with the seeds or if it’s too late.

On a final note, our beloved kitty Nem died a couple of days ago. Her final resting place is in the back yard, under a purple fountain grass, which all cats seem to love.
Today I planted wildflower seeds around her which are supposed to attract butterflies.


  • Charmian Christie

    Thanks for dropping by my blog to comment about my gardening woes. I’m hoping no 30 pound raccoon comes by.

    Sorry for your loss of Nem. She looks like a real character and that strip down her nose is too perfect. I’m sure she loves your choice of the purple grass.

  • Coreopsis Major

    Have you posted yet how you made those tomato cages? I need to make some this weekend, and yours look really good. If you even have a link to instructions you would recommend, I’d be glad to hear about it. Thanks!

    I’m in Western MA, and I’m finally planting tomatoes, peppers, pak choi and herbs this weekend. *crosses fingers* So jealous of you folks who have a longer growing season!

    • formerchef

      I haven’t posted it yet. Basically, they are made out of something called concrete mesh. It’s what is laid on the ground when concrete is poured on top. It’s 5 feet tall and comes in a roll 50 ft long. The holes created by the wire are 4″ squares, big enough to get a hand through to pick the tomatoes. I bought it at Lowes.
      I cut 6′ sections and then bend them into a circle, and use zip ties to hold them together. I also cut off the bottom so the metal makes spikes to stick in the ground and then prop them with bamboo posts.

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