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Garden Update; The World’s Most Expensive Tomato

Yesterday we ate the World’s Most Expensive Tomato.

Ok, not really, but sometimes gardening feels that way, doesn’t it? When you factor in what was spent on building the raised beds, filling them with hay, alfalfa, manure and compost, buying the plants, building the fences, buying critter repellent, water, and time,  it seems like it would just be easier and less expensive to go and buy a good tomato at the Farmer’s Market doesn’t it?

I have to say though, it is incredibly satisfying to pick that first tomato.
The eggplant, tomato and basil in the photo above all came out of my garden yesterday.
No recipe, just slice and grill the eggplant with a little olive oil. Slice the tomato. Arrange on the plate. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with chiffonade of basil, fleur de sel, and freshly ground black pepper. I’m not sure there’s anything better (except maybe salted butter caramel ice cream).

So, how do I like the No Dig Gardening method?
I love it. There are essentially no weeds and since we installed the drip irrigation, I’ve only had to water once a week for about an hour. It’s easy and environmentally friendly! Everything seems to be growing just fine. The only challenge I’ve had has been with some of the seedlings I planted, most likely too early to survive being trampled by the raccoons. Most of the tomatoes are doing well and the beans are starting to flower and grow through the trellis. I think my yellow squash is on steroids. It’s green cousin however, is not liking the shade under the arch trellis so I’m going to have to remedy that soon. So, would I use this method again? Absolutely!




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