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Five Friday Favorites-04/16/2010

Five Friday Favorites posts feature news articles from the food world, recipes which look amazing, or anything I find interesting, want to share, or think readers might like too.
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1. National Food Blogger’s Bake Sale:
A bunch of fantastic food bloggers nationwide are getting together all across the US on Saturday to partake in the Great American Bake Sale to support Share our Strength, a charity with the goal of ending childhood hunger in the US.
“Funds raised through Great American Bake Sale support Share Our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger in America.  Nearly 17 million— almost one in four—children in America face hunger.”
If you are interested in buying some wonderful baked goodies, and supporting this excellent cause, please check out the website of the organizer, Gaby Dalkin of  What’s Gaby Cooking to see when and where in your state. 

From Zen Can Cook

2. Yuzu Cured Pork Belly:
I came across this recipe and doesn’t it just look fabulous? This is from the blog Zen Can Cook and makes me want to run out right now and buy pork belly and yuzu…   



3. Eat at home in Italy:
If you are planning a trip to Italy, how about having a meal in the home of a local? Read this NY times article to get the perspective of someone who has done it. The website, Home Food, is where you want to go to sign up. I’m hoping to do this next time I go. Would you?  

Photo From Window Farming

4. Window Farming:
Don’t have a yard for a garden? Not even a balcony or a patio? Why not try window farming?
I love this idea which uses recycled plastic bottles to create vertical garden space. It came from an NPR article called Window Farming: A Do-It-Yourself Veggie Venture.  But why not check out their website too?
Clever, isn’t it? 



5. Does Cilantro Taste like soap to you? It could be genetic…
A lot of people dislike cilantro with a passion. They think it tastes like soap. I’m not one of them, but this article explains that it might be genetic and there may be ways to train your palate to appreciate it. 


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