Garden Update; Breaking Even with the Monsters

In my previous post about the expense of gardening I know I said I hoped not to have too much more non-plant related expense, but alas, I spoke too soon. 

The digging of the raccoons got to be detrimental to the garden. They were taking out so much soil from the bottom, the beds were sinking! Something had to be done. In the end we decided to add another layer of protection to the base of the beds which also acts as a support since the ground is not exactly level. 

Keeping out the Monsters; Before and After

The new wood seemed to stop the digging for a while, but after a little rain, the ground is softer so they are still digging, though not able to actually get into the beds. Score one for us.  Since they could no longer get in from below, they crawled up inside, to the one area I left unprotected and tossed asunder my tiny plants. Score one for them. Little Monsters! 

What price the joy of a home grown vegetables?
Ongoing total for Summer 2010: $298
(added $52 for extra wood, screws and basil seeds)

In the last two weeks I’ve planted potatoes (free, from the ones sprouting in my pantry), basil seeds, and Lemon Cucumber seedlings I started. The raccoons killed one of the lemon cucumber plants, but I have two more seedlings started. The spinach seeds I planted did not sprout. I will plant my leek seedlings and buy more tomato plants this weekend.

How is your garden growing? Anything yet? Anyone else battling their own garden monsters?


  • Myra

    My Monsters (kids) are under control this year! They helped plant five tomatoes, two basil, cucumber and zucchini. We are lucky — we have scrap lumber and extra dirt for the beds. Only cost is mulch and plant starts — total so far: $20.


    Little monsters indeed! Thanks to your inspiration we put together our own dig-free raised beds this year and so far, so good. Granted, I live in the burbs and don’t have a raccoon problem (knock on wood). Enjoying the heck out of watching my sprouts sprout!

    Speaking of freebies — the other day I stuck a pineapple top out there next to the artichokes — we’ll see what comes up!

    Maybe you could make a very accessible pile just for the little monsters? Give them easy access to their own wormy buffet and they may leave the less accessible beds alone? Just a thought…

    Good Luck!

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